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De-Stress Your Life

How to Manage Your Stress to be More Productive

We have been hearing so much about stress lately it’s kinda stressing us out. Stress is a part of being human, something we have experienced since our existence began. Our body knows how to deal with it, in small doses. Short-term stress allows us to work under pressure, get stuff done, run farther and faster, and even balance our hormones. But unfortunately so many of us are holding onto our stress for longer that it’s wrecking our digestive and immune systems, and majorly impacting our sleep, weight, habits, what we eat, relationships and even our thoughts. This talk from health coach Jenna Granger will look into:

· The various types of stress and what they do for us and against us

· How to let go of habits that are caused by stress (like stress eating)

· How to use stress successfully and quick and easy ways to let go of the rest

· Simple productivity tips to keep you on your game

Join us Tuesday, April 5th @ 6-7pm @ The Tahoe Mill Collective for a free talk

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