Growing The Collective

When we first opened the Tahoe Mill Collective, we had exactly four people who were interested in working in the space. To make ends meet, we knew we'd need more people that that, and there were definitely some fears that others wouldn't materialize. But just a few short months since our opening day, we can happily the people have come! We are now bursting at the seams with creative, freelance-types — from photographers and filmmakers to designers, writers and illustrators — to consultants in the worlds of technology, the environment and media, to entrepreneurs launching businesses right from under our roof.

Our newest members come to us as recent transplants from Los Angeles. They run a film company called that makes a TV show that combines travel, the outdoors, extreme sports with, of all things, wine education. The Tahoe Daily Tribute recently ran a piece on their company, WINERAM Productions, moving to Tahoe. 

Check out the rest of the crew on our About Us page.  


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