A New Kind of Work


Coworking isn't just a fad in cities nowadays. It's literally changing the way people work. Inspiring collaborative and creativity instead of competition and isolation, coworking is the new face of work in the next generation of professionals: a community and network of people, ideas, and businesses. Why shouldn't that exist in ski towns too?

NPR has a great story about how the shared economy has given way to a new kind of entrepreneurship, by highlighting a tech-based coworking space in Denver called Galvanize. 

"I do think the rise of facilities like this [arose] to support these solo-prenuers that don't just want to work in a coffee shop or hotel lobby, or get tired of sitting at home by themselves in their jammies," Galvanize founder Jim Deters told NPR. "They want to come and work in inspiring environments to make connections and be part of a community to share ideas and transfer ideas."

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